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Space Rocket


Relive your dreams of flying through the stars with your very own Space Rocket with sparks. Our psychedelic Space Rocket is ready for blast-off. Sparks appear in the front red cone when you rev up the tin rocket?s friction motor on any surface and let it roar and roll away. Our Fantasy Rocket is brightly multicolored like psychedelic 1960?s art with images of the astronauts and the American space program on the rocket . A nice reproduction of the Japanese tin toy classic rocket toys of the 1950?s and 1960?s with unique art from the Age of Aquarius. A very special gift for your Rocket Man or future hippy astronaut!
Product Code - # F007
Age Group - Not for 0-14
Size (Cms) - 25.6*8.7*7.6
Pcs/Cartoon - 72
Volume (cu.feet) - 5.2
Gross Weight (Kgs) - 19



STOCK : 10

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