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Scooter Girl Green


Just wind-up the key and let the lady on the road go for an unstoppable journey! Our cute Scooter Girl loves to ride her nice green motorbike. This modern woman wears a orange blouse, black capri pants, and striped socks as she drives her scooter through town. Wind up her scooter and she dashes off and makes an occasional and sudden right turn. She dreams of traveling through Italy and Europe on her scooter! A high quality all-tin toy motorbike and rider for your Scooter enthusiast or fun loving girl.
Product Code - # A032G
Age Group - Not for 0-14
Size (Cms) - 14*16.5
Pcs/Cartoon - 60
Volume (cu.feet) - 4.25
Gross Weight (Kgs) - 22.6



STOCK : 10

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