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Rallye Monte Carlo


Play our beautiful and unique animated tin toy Rallye Monte Carlo wind up racetrack game! Just wind up our colorful all tin race game and drive the blue tin car around the fast track.. To race you push the button to raise the two stripes bars, to make the most rounds before time elapses. The large tin toy game board include retro graphics, plus two meters to count your rounds and time (Rouden and Zeit in German). This clever wind up racetrack was originally made by Arnold in Germany in the 1940?s. Our classic mechanical Rallye Monte Carlo comes in a beautiful collectors box lined in black foam. A rare vintage Tin Race Set and very special gift for your Tin Toy collector!
Product Code - # S062
Age Group - Not for 0-14
Size (Cms) - 22.5*21
Pcs/Cartoon - 18

Gross Weight (Kgs) - 22



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