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Bavarian Tramway


Take a ride through Germany on our Bavarian Express Tramway. It?s our longest tin toy train set! Just wind up our clever tin green tram and watch as the train quickly travels from one end of the tracks and then automatically returns. Our cute German tram travels on a 40 inch long elevated tin track through four hoops, representing Hesse, Rhineland, Heidelberg and Bavaria. Enjoy a ride on our Tramway! Travel on our longest tin toy train set to Bavaria. Just wind up the tram and watch it shunting automatically from one edge to another. A unique and rare tin toy for your train collection.
Product Code - # S043
Age Group - Not for 0-14
Size (Cms) - 100 Length
Pcs/Cartoon - 50
Volume (cu.feet) - 4.5
Gross Weight (Kgs) - 20.2



STOCK : 10

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