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Snowwhite Carousel


Press the lever to see Snowwhite being amused by the dwarves on the carousel! Our adorable Snow White Carousel seats 3 swinging Dwarfs for a fast revolving ride. Snow White and the remaining 4 Dwarfs watch from windows in the round center. Just slide the thumb switch to wind up our Carousel for a fast fun ride. This high quality all tin toy is an exacting reproduction of a European toy of the 1940's, originally made in West Germany. An original can sell for $100?s at auction. A very special gift for a classic toy or German tin toy collector!
Product Code - # D072
Age Group - Not for 0-14
Size (Cms) - 12 tall
Pcs/Cartoon - 48
Volume (cu.feet) - 4.15
Gross Weight (Kgs) - 13



STOCK : 100

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