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Welby Impex Pvt. Ltd was founded in 1989.

1997 was an year of change when the company decided to study the foreign markets. This year we for the first time participated in Hong Kong Toy Fair, Nuremberg Toy fair and visited New York Toy Fair.

The visits lead to decision of venturing into the
COLLECTIBLE TIN TOYS market. Thorough research and identifying vendors was done and we were back in Nuremberg Toy Fair in 1998 with a range of tin toys. We were in business!!

Continuing till the year 2000 as trading company and building up the reputation in the international market, the company realized that it needed more control on Quality. It was decided to put up a toy manufacturing facility to offer better quality.

TIN TREASURES started when the last few Tin Toy manufacturing factories were shutting shop in India. It took off by purchasing their tooling’s and presses and giving jobs to their laid off workers.

For the child for you

Continuing the tradition of Tin toys. We started at a very small scale with 1000 square feet area. A factory at a time when manufacturing tin toys was considered obsolete and was limited to very few world- wide.

With a good going, early 2002 brought a new factory of 7000 square feet in Toy City, Greater Noida. This lead to an increase in number of new items and production. Tradition of old hand operated machinery was kept alive for production of toys, along with new machinery.

Today with a 24000 sq. ft. of factory space in TOY CITY, Greater Noida, 30 Kms from New Delhi, we are currently a workforce of 80 people and growing. Fascinated by the world of Tin toys, Paresh Chawla with his wife Roopa Chawla head the operations.

Factory, machinery and infrastructure

  • Built in 2002. More area added in 2008.
  • Currently encompassing 24,000 Sq. Ft. area, Forty Five hand presses machines CNC wire cut machine for precision tooling.
  • One hydraulic automatic 15 Ton machine for deep draw upto 15 Cms. 4 hydraulic automatic 5 Ton machines.
  • One shearing machine.
  • Fully equipped Tool Room.
  • QC facilities that are randomly inspected by qualified personnel while in production and packing.
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  • Factory meets all necessary compliances viz. health, safety, labour and municipal regulations.
  • Virgin tin plate is used, procured from Tata Tin Plate.

Mould designing, Manufacturing and storing process:

Toy and Tools are designed using 3D software’s.
Tools are made by Wire cut machines and machining centre.
Dies & Tooling are maintained and stored in special designated rooms.

We currently carry 110 products, with new introductions every year. These toys bring out a feeling of nostalgia. These are the finest, most expensive and higly sought after Toys today. Our range covers Vintage Tin Toys which include clockwork wind up friction, Automobiles, locomotives, banks, boats, animals to the newly manufactured science fiction and novelty toys.

No other group of toys can match these foremost extra ordinary creations in respect to design, skill and technology. These toys reaffirm the fact that creativity, innovation and technical knowledge was so wide spread in the past.

We have been regularly participating in the Nuremberg Toy Fair-Germany since 1997, where over the years visitors and delegates have appreciated both the quality and prices on our toys.

Given an opportunity to work with you:

We can comfortably meet your quality standards.
We can comfortably meet your quantity requirements.
We are capable of keeping the cost of production at competitive levels.

Our Vision for the future is to offer great new products and services through continuous innovations and inventions, thereby improving value, both inside and outside our organization. And meeting commitments with quality and quantity are our strength- “never commit more then one can deliver” is our motto!



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